5 Reasons To Get Invisalign

Do you want a better smile to share with the world? If you weren't born with perfect teeth, you might want to consider getting Invisalign. This is a dental process that will help to straighten your teeth and create a more attractive smile. Knowing the reasons to get Invisalign may have you motivated to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

Reason #1: Comfort

Using Invisalign may be less uncomfortable for the patient compared to other types of braces. You will wear plastic trays that are custom-made for your teeth on a daily basis. These usually will fit smoothly and are easy for most dental patients to get accustomed to over time.

There may be some slight pressure put on the teeth when first getting Invisalign put into place.

Reason #2: Not visible

One of the biggest complaints by people who wear metal braces is the way these look when worn. If you invest your time and dental efforts in Invisalign, it's possible that others won't even notice that you have these on each day.

The plastic trays make these hard to detect and is a great advantage of making this selection for straighter teeth.

Reason #3: Removable

You can take the trays out each day to clean your teeth. This will decrease the possibility of tooth decay by being able to complete good oral hygiene practices. However, it is recommended by most orthodontists to wear Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours per day.

Additionally, you can eat what you want when you choose Invisalign because of being able to remove these trays.

Reason #4: Easily cleaned

You may have less difficulty cleaning Invisalign that some of the other types of braces that are currently on the market. You simply remove the upper and lower trays and clean with the appropriate type of solution that is recommended by your orthodontist.

Reason #5: Better bite

The way your teeth meet when biting down is important. You should have a good bite that allows the lower and upper teeth to connect when biting.

If you suffer from an overbite or under bite, you can improve this problem by simply using Invisalign. This dental treatment will work to correct bite problems and is effective for most dental patients.

Finally, having healthy and attractive teeth can improve your self-confidence. Be sure to schedule a visit with your orthodontist to discuss the ways that Invisalign can help you and allow you to have the teeth that you desire to have.