Your Cosmetic Dental Options

If you want to have a better smile, then there are quite a few different procedures out there that might suit your needs. However, each does have its own benefits and drawbacks. To help you figure out which one is best for you, here is a comparison of two of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures: whitening and veneers. Whitening First of all, you have your basic tooth whitening. The unique thing about cosmetic whitening is that you can actually buy products at your local drug store that allow you to handle the procedure in the comfort of your own home.

Questions And Answers About CEREC Crowns

Dental crowns are still used for multiple dental procedures, such as the covering of a broken or chipped tooth or the restoration of a tooth after a root canal. In the past, dental patients had to have at least two dental appointments for crown placement. During the first visit, an impression of the patient's mouth was taken and sent to a dental lab for crown fabrication. Although a temporary crown may have been placed to protect the tooth until the subsequent visit, the permanent crown was not made available until it was properly fashioned in the laboratory.

How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter Between Treatments

When you go in to the dentist for a professional tooth whitening treatment, you will of course want to make sure you do what you can to keep your teeth looking whiter for as long as possible. The information below will help you to understand the things you can do to keep your teeth white for as long as possible so you can go for long intervals between whitening treatments.

Best Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

As teeth age, they tend to turn yellow. This happens as the enamel breaks down and as you consume certain products and foods that have the ability to stain teeth. Although one of the best ways to whiten your teeth is by seeking professional teeth whitening services from your dentist, you can also seek to whiten your teeth naturally at home. These tips will help you whiten your teeth with natural products that you already keep in your house.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Clean If Your Dental Implants Become Loose

Dental Implants are used as a more reliable alternative to dentures because they are less likely to fall out of your mouth while you are eating or talking. However, if implants are installed incorrectly, they can become loose and may eventually fall out. If this happens, the first thing you should do is contact your dentist and set up an appointment. Until you see your dentist, it is important to keep your mouth clean to prevent loose implants from getting infected.

Making Dental Care Fun For Your Children

It is not uncommon for children to experience some anxiety over visiting the dentist. This anxiety often comes from the idea of not knowing what to expect and less about what is going to happen during the appointment. It is important for children to start understanding the importance of dental care right from the beginning so they can carry on that knowledge as they get older. Just like adults, kids can incur dental issues at an early age.

How Bi-Annual Dental Checkups Can Save Heart Patients Thousands

Bi-annual dental checkups are recommended for everyone. However, they are also proven to save heart patients thousands of dollars in healthcare bills. Below are a few ways dental checkups go hand in hand with heart patient health.  The Removal of Tooth Decay Tooth decay can contain bacteria that can affect heart valves. If the bacteria reaches the new heart valve, you have to undergo more surgery and other medical treatment to handle the problem.

Avoiding Your Dentist? How To Handle Dental Fear And Anxiety

If you're weary about going to the dentist or avoid going until you have painful problems, you're not alone. Peter Milgrom, DDS, the director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, estimates that between 5 and 10 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to fear, and another 20 percent experience anxiety severe enough that they avoid dental visits unless it's completely necessary. Here's what to do to help quell your fears so you can get back to regular visits with your family dentist and take care of your oral health.

Your Game Plan for Addressing Three Common Complications with Veneers

Veneers may have relatively few side effects compared to more intensive aesthetic treatments like crowns or dental implants, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for complications just in case. From increased sensitivity to discomfort, the problem-solving guide below covers three common complaints associated with veneers and their simple, hassle-free solutions. The Problem: Your Teeth Suddenly Feel More Sensitive The Fix: Try Stronger Fluoride Toothpaste Since traditional veneers require some tooth prep, a little bit of sensitivity post procedure is perfectly normal.

Exposing Two Dental Crown Misconceptions

Dental crowns are a relatively common treatment that is used to strengthen teeth that have been weakened or damaged from a variety of causes. Unfortunately, this dental prosthetic is often poorly understood by patients, which can cause them to underestimate the severity of some problems their crowns can encounter. In particular, patients may benefit from having the following myths clarified. Myth: Cavities Are No Longer A Concern If You Have A Crown

How Your Allergies Affect Your Time At The Dental Office

When you have one of your first conversations with your dentist, you will want to bring up anything that you are allergic to because there are surprisingly materials used by the dentist that can trigger allergic reactions in some patients. Also, if you do not already know what you are allergic to, make sure you are tested for allergies. Acrylics Acrylic is a substance that some patients are allergic to. This can be problematic if you are getting crowns, veneers or implants.

The Best Foods For Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you're planning a wisdom teeth extraction, you may already know that you will have to take some precautions after surgery so that you can heal effectively. Although it is certainly important that you take any prescribed medicine and that you follow all your dentist's advice, you can also benefit by doing some research ahead of time, especially about post-extraction eating habits. Keep reading to learn the best foods to eat after dental extractions.

Have Frequent Bad Breath? Try These 5 Tips To Combat It

If you have noticed that you have bad breath frequently, you could be wondering what is causing this embarrassing problem. For example, you might brush and floss your teeth regularly but still suffer from breath that isn't as fresh as it should be. Few things can make you feel as self-conscious as realizing that you have bad breath, but you shouldn't let your breath get in the way of your self-confidence or your good time.

Possible Complications Of Compacted Wisdom Teeth

You don't have to remove your wisdom teeth, as long as they are healthy, but you can prevent a lot of complications by removing them. Wisdom teeth usually cause a lot of problems to people over the age of 25. Most of these complications arise when a wisdom tooth becomes impacted (stuck within the jawbone). Some of these complications include: Cysts In a few cases, the impacted wisdom tooth develops a fluid-filled sac within the jawbone.

Taking Care Of Your Oral Health While Going Through Chemotherapy

Cancer can have a negative impact on your oral health. If you are going through chemotherapy, you need to ensure that you take special care of your teeth and gums, since problems with your teeth and gums can interfere with your treatment or put a stop to them altogether. Here are some tips for taking care of your gums and teeth while going through chemotherapy. Brush Carefully The type of toothbrush that you use when you are going through chemotherapy is extremely important.

3 Bone-Related Reasons A Dental Implant Could Fail

Dental implants can fill in gaps from missing teeth and offer support for neighboring teeth and comfort during chewing and talking. Implants are a common dental procedure with a high success rate. But there is always a small chance of the implant failing. And there are a few different reasons this can happen and require implant restoration. Peri-Implant Disease Without proper oral healthcare, bacteria can build up around the gums and natural teeth.

2 Common Tooth Sensitivity Questions Answered

Dental problems can both be painful and contribute to major cosmetic issues. In particular, sensitive teeth can be a major problem for millions of people, and while this condition is treatable, there are many questions that patients may have about this condition. For example, the following two questions are commonly asked by patients that have recently developed this condition.  1. What Are The Primary Causes Of Sensitive Teeth? There can be any number of reasons why your teeth have suddenly developed a sensitivity to sudden temperature changes.