What to Know About Dental Anesthesia and Sedation

Have an upcoming dental appointment and worried about the pain? Here is what you should know about using anesthesia and sedation. Local Anesthesia When a dentist says they are using local anesthesia, it means that they are simply numbing the area that they are working on. This is done by placing a topical anesthetic on the area so that you don't feel any pain. A needle will then be used to insert Novocaine into the gums to numb the area.

Bridge Options To Help Replace A Missing Tooth

If you are missing a single tooth and want a replacement, then one option you have is the placement of a dental bridge. Unlike some other dental replacements, the bridge can be added to the mouth without the need for an invasive procedure. Bridges can be chosen with the help of your dentist. Learn about a few here. Cantilever Bridge The most traditional bridge involves two supports, meaning that two of the teeth are involved with securing the bridge in place.