2 Common Tooth Sensitivity Questions Answered

Dental problems can both be painful and contribute to major cosmetic issues. In particular, sensitive teeth can be a major problem for millions of people, and while this condition is treatable, there are many questions that patients may have about this condition. For example, the following two questions are commonly asked by patients that have recently developed this condition. 

1. What Are The Primary Causes Of Sensitive Teeth?

There can be any number of reasons why your teeth have suddenly developed a sensitivity to sudden temperature changes. However, grinding of the teeth is a common source of this problem, and when this is the cause, tooth sensitivity may emerge during periods of intense stress. If you experience this problem, your dentist will be able to provide a mouthguard to help prevent your grinding motion from damaging your teeth, and reinforce the enamel on the exterior of your teeth to reduce the painful symptoms of tooth sensitivity. 

Another common source of this problem stems from gum disease. This disease can cause the gums to recede, which exposes the root of the teeth. When hot or cold substances come into contact with the exposed root, it can be a joltingly painful experience. Patients suffering from this condition will likely be prescribed mouthwash to help treat the gum disease, and in cases where the gums have receded by a substantial amount, gum grafts may be the only way to stop the pain.  

2. How Long Does It Take To Reduce The Discomfort From Sensitive Teeth?

While these treatments can dramatically improve the durability of your teeth, it should be noted that they will not reverse the condition immediately. In fact, it can take several weeks before these treatments will fully neutralize your tooth sensitivity. 

Luckily, you do not have to suffer during this time. There are toothpastes and ointments that can be applied to the gums and teeth to help reduce the sensitivity. While the effects of these medications will fade, they can provide you with much-needed relief when you are eating or drinking. 

Tooth sensitivity has the potential to make your life miserable. Whether it is pain from a cold winter wind hitting your teeth or from eating your favorite food, this condition can be immensely problematic. Sadly, many people do not realize that this condition can often be reversed. By understanding the answers to these commonly asked questions about tooth sensitivity, you will be a more informed patient when it comes time to address your problem. Visit a dentist like Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry for more information.