The Best Foods For Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you're planning a wisdom teeth extraction, you may already know that you will have to take some precautions after surgery so that you can heal effectively. Although it is certainly important that you take any prescribed medicine and that you follow all your dentist's advice, you can also benefit by doing some research ahead of time, especially about post-extraction eating habits. Keep reading to learn the best foods to eat after dental extractions.


Smoothies of nearly any type are a good choice because they provide sustenance without making you chew. If a smoothie isn't quite filling enough, consider adding protein powder or a packet of meal replacement powder to your favorite smoothie recipe.


Soups, from cream to clear, are a good choice for eating after a wisdom teeth extraction. Keep in mind that you might want to avoid soups with any chunks in them, at least in the days immediately after your wisdom teeth surgery. Blend any soups up before you eat them to make sure that no chewing is necessary!


While pudding isn't a main dish, it can be perfect for those times when you are craving something sweet. Keep in mind that that there can definitely be too much of a good thing when it comes to pudding. If you get pudding that contains sugar, that sugar can cause pain to the delicate mouth tissues. Consider the sugar-free version of your favorite pudding flavor to get the taste you want without the sugar.


Oatmeal is creamy, easy to eat without chewing, and is highly nourishing. All of these things make it the perfect choice for a meal when your mouth is on the mend. The only potential drawback to oatmeal is that you'll probably have to avoid your usual toppings. Anything that requires chewing, or at least significant chewing, should be avoided. Avoid adding sugar to the top of the oatmeal, as well. As mentioned above, sugar can cause pain when your mouth is still healing.


You can enjoy eggs in several ways: Over easy, scrambled, and soft boiled are three great options for post-wisdom teeth extraction. You can even add in cheese or finely chopped veggies for some extra flavor. Eggs are very easy to eat with only a minimum of chewing, and you can prepare them in a variety of ways, which keeps them from getting too boring.

As you can see, wisdom teeth removal doesn't mean that you are stuck with eating just one food. Try the suggestions above to actually enjoy what you eat while you're healing from your surgery!