How Bi-Annual Dental Checkups Can Save Heart Patients Thousands

Bi-annual dental checkups are recommended for everyone. However, they are also proven to save heart patients thousands of dollars in healthcare bills. Below are a few ways dental checkups go hand in hand with heart patient health. 

The Removal of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can contain bacteria that can affect heart valves. If the bacteria reaches the new heart valve, you have to undergo more surgery and other medical treatment to handle the problem. So if you are a heart patient who is about to undergo cardiac surgery, a trip to the dentist is a good option for you. The dentist will treat any affected teeth to lessen the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria. However, if you have had a bi-annual dental exam, the x-rays and teeth cleaning procedures could have detected a problem before an extraction becomes necessary. 

Lessen Chances of Heart Attack

There are a few studies such as the one conducted by Harvard Medical School that link the bacteria from your mouth to causing heart attacks, stroke, and other heart problems. When your gums bleed, the bacteria leaves the mouth and enter the bloodstream. When it is in the bloodstream, it can cause clots or blockage that result in severe heart problems. These problems can cause you your life.

If you are lucky to survive them, it can cause thousands in hospital bills, rehab, and/or surgery. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, gingivitis (gum disease) is the main culprit behind oral health causing heart problems in people. Checkups can help to prevent the disease or spot it in the early stages where it can be treated before it causes a heart attack. 

Finding Symptoms

Heart disease can come with oral symptoms. Checkups are a great way to see if the warning signs of heart disease are present. Oral pain, inflammation of the gums, or infection are just a few signs that may point to heart disease. When these symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated, patients' chances of developing high blood pressure are lessened. In some cases, people can decrease their dependence on high blood pressure medication.

Other Early Prevention

Your oral health can highlight the warning signs for other diseases. Bi-annual dental checkups can help to prevent other problems such as high blood pressure. When plaque is dislodged from the mouth and enters the bloodstream, clots can form. These clots can result in high blood pressure or hypertension, which can result in heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, kidney problems, vision problems, and metabolic syndrome.

Bi-annual dental checkups can be a lifesaver as well as a money saver for heart patients. Schedule your dental checkup today at a professional dental clinic like Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.