How To Ease Dental Anxiety With Your Five Senses

Having a fear of the dentist is common in both children and adults. With there being many things in the office to feel, smell, taste, hear, and see, all of the senses may become overloaded and fill your brain with thoughts that cause anxiety. Here are some ways that you can help each of your five senses to deal with the dental anxiety that you have.


Many times, it is what you see around the office that makes you afraid of what is going to happen. Try bringing a sleep mask with you on your next trip to the dental office. If you wear it the entire time that you are in the chair, you'll avoid seeing things that will make you anxious, such as needles and drills.


Dentist offices do have a smell to them that may trigger anxiety with some people. It is most likely Eugenol, the active ingredient in clove oil, which is used as a base for a dental filling. If this smell bothers you, try blocking it by putting scented oil or vapor rub below your nose. This trick will block those odors while you are in getting your checkup.


Drilling noises in a dentist office can be unnerving to some people. Thankfully, you can block out those sounds using a good pair of headphones. Noise-canceling models do a great job at blocking out the sound around you, but if you don't have those, playing some loud music will drown out the sounds that can cause anxiety.


Some people are sensitive to the paper bibs that they have to wear, or the vinyl dentist chair that they sit in. If these things bother you, take a blanket with you that you can sit on to make it softer. As for the paper bibs, take an old hand-towel with you that you do not mind getting ruined so that it can be used instead. Don't feel embarrassed about asking to make the swap, since your dentist should be fine with it if it makes you more relaxed.


There are dental products that come in different flavors, such as the product used to clean your teeth. If the flavor of mint bothers you, ask if the dentist has other flavors you can try. Cinnamon and bubble gum are common alternatives they may offer.

For more ideas on how to ease anxiety at the dental office, visit sites like and contact your local dentist.