4 Reasons You Should Hear Out Your Teen Wanting Cosmetic Dentistry

While cosmetic dentistry might be seen as elective dental procedures, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why your teen might be interested in this type of work. If your teenager has interest in a specific type of cosmetic dentistry, whether this is braces, teeth whitening, or implants, all can have their merits and might actually help your child's oral and mental health. Here are four reasons you should take cosmetic surgery into consideration if your child expresses interest.

1. Discourages Further Misalignment

If your child would like to look into braces or other orthodontics, this might actually be a smart thing to seek at this point in their life. Sometimes misaligned teeth or an overbite can cause further tooth displacement over time and can be harder to fix as time goes on. If your child is self conscious of their smile, it is worth an assessment to see if corrective braces can easily straighten or realign teeth.

2. Promotes Long Term Dental Health

If your child is taking an active interest in their oral health both in daily care and possibly a cosmetic procedure, it might be worth it to pursue this. If a tooth whitening procedure will help your child be more conscientious about brushing and flossing, it might be worth the effort to help with long term dental health overall.

3. Help With Self Confidence

If your child has a minor complaint with their teeth such as a gap between their front teeth, yellowing, or minor misalignment, they might not have a medical reason for a cosmetic procedure. If it this an easy fix with a retainer or a quick whitening procedure, it might be worth it for your child's self confidence. Taking pride in one's looks is a part of growing up so at least take into consideration what your child is asking for.

4. Help With Other Medical Issues Down the Line

There are certain types of cosmetic surgeries that can actually help with other ailments that individuals might be having. Sometimes individuals will have headaches from misaligned teeth or grinding from an uneven bite. If your teen is missing teeth, it is a good idea to fix this temporarily with spacers until they are old enough for cosmetic surgery such as implants. These types of procedures can keep minor inconveniences today from turning into big problems down the line.

Not all cosmetic surgeries and procedures should be discredited. Hear your child out and weigh the pros and cons on dental work that might be too extreme for a teenager. There is a fine line between cosmetic and medical needs when it comes to dentistry, so make sure you are educated before you say no to your teen's requests.