How To Make It Through Your First Week With Braces As An Adult

Getting braces as an adult is an important step towards improving your dental health. As exciting as getting braces is, there is going to be an adjustment period after your braces are put on you. Here are a few tips that will help you navigate the first week with braces as an adult.

#1 Your Teeth May Be Sore

After your braces are applied to your teeth, your teeth may feel sore for a couple of days. You can help manage any pain that you are feeling by taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug such as Motrin or Advil. If your teeth still feel sore a week after your braces have been placed, schedule a follow-up with your orthodontist.

#2 Ease The Pressure With Cold Water

Many braces nowadays are made with wires that are activated by the heat of your body. The heat from your body helps keep the wires tight and help your teeth move into place. If that pressure is too much for you to handle right away, rinse your mouth with some cool water. The cool water will relax the pressure on the wires in your braces and provide you with some temporary relief as you adjust to the pressure they exert in your mouth.

#3 Allow Your Cheeks & Lips To Toughen Up

When you have braces put on, they are most likely going to rub against both your cheeks and lips. This can cause your checks and lips to become irritated and you may even develop sores. While it can be tempting to put wax on your cheeks and lips to ease the transition, it is actually best to allow your cheeks and lips to adjust to your braces and toughen up a little bit. Dealing with this upfront will make having braces easier in the long run.

#4 Get Detailed With Your Brush

Since you have braces now, you should try to brush your teeth after every meal, including lunch. After you brush your teeth, use a lighted magnifying mirror to check your teeth and make sure that you effectively cleaned your braces. You should use a mirror to check your teeth at least twice a day after you brush. This will help you ensure that your teeth are effectively cleaned. You should also floss as often as possible.

Your teeth may be sore and you may feel uncomfortable during the first week you have braces, but if you take anti-inflammatory medication, swish cold water when you can't handle the pressure and allow your mouth to toughen up, you'll make the transition to having braces.