4 Tips For Making Your Child's First Dental Trip Successful

Ensuring that your child goes to the dentist on a regular basis is highly important. This is because you child's teeth are more susceptible to decay than you may think. Your child's baby teeth are thin, which means the enamel is easily penetrated by bacteria. Your dentist can ensure that decay is prevented by cleaning your child's teeth thoroughly and providing tips and advice for any problems they may notice. However, getting your child comfortable with visiting the dentist, especially for the first time, can be challenging. Here are four tips for making your child's first trip successful: 

  1. Read a Book About Visiting the Dentist: The first thing you can do is invest in a few books about going to the dentist. You can read these books to your child to help encourage them not to be afraid of the dentist.
  2. Play Dentist: To get your child used to someone being in their mouth with a toothbrush, you should play dentist. This is where you pretend to be the dentist and you have your child lie down like they would in the dentist chair. Then you brush each tooth. Don't be too rough, but don't be afraid to really get in there. This will get your child used to opening up wide, as well. 
  3. Be Their Role Model: When you are at home, be a role model by brushing and flossing your teeth in front of your child. During the first trip to the dentist, you should also be friendly with the dentist and be willing to demonstrate if your child is afraid. Most pediatric dentists know that children will be afraid and are willing to encourage them with parent participation.
  4. Go at the Right Time: It is important that you schedule your child's appointment at the right time. You don't want to schedule during a time when they are tired, for example, such as in the middle of the afternoon. If your child tends to be cranky in the morning, as well, then schedule for mid-morning. Don't rush the appointment either. If the dentist won't be available during the times that are best for your child for a while, then it's best to wait. 

When you consider these four tips, your child's first trip to the dentist is sure to be successful. Don't forget that the earlier in age you take them, the sooner they can get comfortable with their dentist and regular appointments. For more information, contact local professionals like Kilby Family Dentistry.