Tired Of Loose Dentures Rubbing Blisters On Your Gums? Check Out The Benefits Of Implant Dentures

Many denture wearers know the pain and aggravation loose dentures can cause. You may have tried various brands of denture cushions for lining for preventing the pain that comes from your dentures rubbing blisters on your gums. Many people spend a lot of money on denture adhesives to help keep their dentures in place. If you are tired of dealing with your traditional dentures and the pain they can cause, learn more about implant dentures and how they can benefit you.

You Can Toss Out The Denture Adhesive And Cushions

Denture implants are denture plates attached to dental implants surgically placed in your gums. Many people wear denture implants successfully and never have to worry about their dentures sliding around and blistering their gums. The implants used for these types of dentures are usually placed in the front part of the gums. However, in order for you to be a candidate for denture implants, the bone in your jawbone will need to be dense and strong enough to hold them in.

People who have worn dentures for a long time may have experienced bone absorption, a normal occurrence with the loss of your natural teeth. The good news is if your jawbone is not dense enough for implants, your dental professional can perform bone grafting that will strengthen your jawbone so you can have denture implants. You can save a lot of money on adhesives and cushioning when you have denture implants.

They Make It So Eating And Talking Is Easier And Less Embarrassing

If you have ever experienced the sudden pain associated with getting a small piece of hard food, like a sesame seed, underneath your dentures, you know how it hurts. You might also have trouble eating certain foods like corn-on-the-cob because your dentures do not fit as tightly as your natural teeth, causing them to flip up inside your mouth when you bite down. If you have ever experienced your dentures coming loosened, especially the ones on the bottom, when you are talking, you know how embarrassing that can be, even more so when you are talking to someone important like a business associate. With implant dentures, you never have to worry about eating causing discomfort or talking causing embarrassment.

Talking to your dentist is the first step to being more confident when you eat and talk. It is also the first step to preventing blistered gums from loose dentures. Find out from your dental professional how you can experience the benefits of implant dentures. For more information, contact local professionals like Gordon Dental.