Understanding How Health Issues Can Negatively Impact Your Mouth And Teeth

During your dentist appointment, it may be a good idea to divulge any underlying health issues you may be dealing with at the time. There are some health issues that could cause damage to your teeth such as Sjogren's syndrome, acid reflux and diabetes. Issues that are cause for concern have to do with the amount of saliva you create daily and your overall acid intake. The information provided below offers some insight on how health issues can create problems with your mouth and teeth.

Acid Reflux Mouth And Teeth Issues

Constant acid reflux consisting of stomach acid that has been lodged in your throat or mouth can cause damage to your teeth. Unfortunately, your teeth may start to erode as a result. It's the bacteria and build up within your stomach, which can lower your pH balance. When your pH balance is among a range of 1.5 - 3.0, it means that you are extremely acidic.

Diabetic Mouth Issues

If you are a diabetic, it's possible that you may suffer from having a constant dry mouth. This may be caused by the number of medications the doctor prescribed for treatment of your diabetes. Another cause of dry mouth for diabetics is the constant need to snack and eat to control your blood sugar intake during the day, which can cause you to have a lower flow of saliva. As a result, having a constant dry mouth may cause a variety of infections including gum disease.

Sjogren's Syndrome

Sjogren's syndrome may end up attacking the white blood cells in your body, which causes the body to stop producing normal fluids that create saliva and tear duct glands. When the white blood cells are lowered, your body's saliva producing glands may be diminished and cause your eyes and mouth to dry out. In some instances, your dentist can provide you with fluoride gel, which creates moisture within your mouth as well as helps your mouth to become stimulated and produce saliva.

There are ways you can keep your teeth healthy even when dealing with health related issues that negatively impact your mouth and teeth. This includes drinking water daily as well as consulting with your dentist for other recommendations. However, if you notice that these issues have caused some distress on your teeth before you were able to get in for treatment, such as discoloration or decay, the dentist may be able to recommend some cosmetic dental services. These dental procedures may brighten and strengthen your teeth.