Four Safe Ways To Keep Your Smile As White As It Can Possibly Be

Having a sparkling white smile is very important to many people. Using over the counter whitening products can be dangerous to use on your teeth because you could use them improperly or leave them on too long, which could lead to tooth damage. The following guide provides you with a few ways to get the whitest smile possible without risking any tooth damage at all.

Limit Consumption of Tea, Coffee, and Soda

Tea, coffee, soda, and even juice can stain your teeth over time. It is best to drink these items through a straw that is placed between your tongue and the roof of your mouth to limit the contact that they have with your teeth. You need to limit how often you drink these items to reduce the staining that they cause.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Brushing and flossing your teeth once when you wake up and once when you go to bed has been shown to greatly reduce the staining that is done to your teeth. Brushing this frequently helps to remove plaque and tarter build-up that can make your teeth look yellow and dingy.

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

It is best to go to see your dentist on a regular basis to have your teeth cleaned. The dentist will be able to remove any build up that has collected on your teeth and may even be able to recommend other things that you can do to whiten your smile, such as quit smoking. Smoking causes teeth to become tarnished and yellow because of the exposure to the chemicals in the cigarettes.  

Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has also been shown to help whiten yellow teeth. You simply dip the head of a toothbrush into the activated charcoal and then brush your teeth with the charcoal. Be sure not to swallow it. Brush for a few minutes and then rinse the charcoal out. Brush your teeth with a different toothbrush the same way that you normally would and you should see a much brighter smile.

At the dentist's office, you can also have a whitening treatment done. The treatment options that are available in the dental office have been tested thoroughly and been proven to be safe to use on your smile. This can be a great way to boost the whiteness of your smile in a very short period of time without risking the health of your teeth.