4 Things That Contribute To Gum Disease

Working towards having healthy teeth will require a lot of effort. This may become especially true as you begin to age. It's common for your gums to be affected negatively by some of the things you do daily. In an attempt to avoid getting gum disease, you will want to know the items that may contribute the most to this condition.


You may enjoy smoking daily, but doing this could contribute to several health concerns. One of these includes having major issues with your gums that include decreasing the health of your gums.

The toxins in cigarette smoke can contribute to the buildup of plaque on your gum line, and this may cause your gums to start receding in a short amount of time

Crooked teeth

If you have teeth that aren't perfectly shaped, this could be a contributing factor for gum disease. This is because it may be much more challenging to keep this area of your mouth clean because of it being so hard to reach.


It's a fact that many medicines used to treat chronic diseases do contribute to dry mouth. This condition can lead to problems with your gums that may worsen over time.

Talking to your physician can be helpful for finding other types of medicines you can use without having to deal with this side effect. Doing this one thing may lessen the potential of getting gum disease.


If you're with child, you may begin to notice a lot of changes in your body. Some of these can be difficult to handle and may need to be treated by your doctor.

You could be a candidate for gum disease just by being pregnant. This is because your hormones are changing rapidly and this alteration could lead to gum issues.


Living with a chronic medical condition isn't easy, and one of the more challenging is diabetes. You may be more prone to many health problems if you suffer from this condition and one of these includes potentially more concerns with your dental health.

Being aware of some things that can contribute to gum disease may be helpful to you. It's always in your best interest to be aware of ways you can work to improve your dental well-being and to work to keep issues at bay. A dentist like Milner Dentistry to assist you in having the best gum health possible.