Are Dental Implants Healthy for Your Body?

If you're considering different replacement options for missing teeth and you're inclined to like natural solutions for your problems, you might be wary of dental implants. The idea of dental implants might not seem natural to you, but in reality, dental implants might be more natural than any other form of tooth replacement. Read on to learn more about this and why you should choose dental implants for your tooth replacement needs.

The Concern

Dental implants can make people anxious since it requires installing a metal peg into your mouth, as well as the false tooth that sits on top of it. While most people don't require any drilling to have the peg installed, it can still be nerve-wracking to think about a foreign substance being in your body.

The Reality

The good news is, dental implant pegs are typically made out of titanium. Titanium doesn't cause allergic reactions in the body for the majority of people, and it won't cause skin irritation or other problems for you.

To make matters even better, dental implants are 'natural' in the sense that they work with the body naturally. Dentures and bridges help to provide some of the chewing capability that you lost after losing one or more teeth, but it neglects a key element of the way the body works.

Healthy teeth do more than help you to chew: they're responsible for sending pressure from your bite deep down into your jaw. This activates a process where the body replaces old, worn out bone cells with fresh new ones, keeping your jaw strong and healthy. When teeth are lost, this process ends. Dentures and bridges can't perform this capability, but dental implants naturally work with your body to stimulate your bone to grow again.

How You'll Benefit

If you're missing one or more teeth, you've either already lost some jaw bone mass or you will in the near future. Most people lose a significant amount of bone mass just one year after losing a tooth. When your dental implant is installed, you'll immediately begin to benefit from it. Every bite you take will send pressure into the jaw, stimulating it to grow. This will either prevent it from ever weakening or help to strengthen it after weakening had already occurred.

Dental implants work with the body's natural resources to keep you strong and healthy. If you're looking for the most natural form of tooth replacement, dental implants are your best bet. Talk to a dentist at offices like Burgess Dental to learn more.