Television Personalities Who Smoke May Need Teeth Inlays

Being a television personality can be challenging work that takes a person's entire focus and concentration to manage. As a result, they may end up smoking cigarettes to cut some of their anxiety. This is a mistake because smoking can seriously stain their teeth and even affect their self-esteem.

Smokers Often Have Yellowed Teeth

Smoking is a bad habit that is not only unhealthy for your heart and lungs, but it can also stain a person's teeth in severe ways. Smokers who are on television, such as bit actors or even broadcasters, simply can't allow their teeth to get to this state. It can possibly damage their career by showcasing an imperfect smile.

 While this might seem unfair to many, the perfection of a smile is a big part of the job description. Even worse, seriously yellow teeth can simply be damaging to the ways that they perceive themselves and cause confidence problems that can plague their entire career.

Why This Can Be So Psychologically Damaging

Studies have shown that stains on the teeth can be psychologically damaging because they are so visible. Unlike other imperfections, such as slight crookedness, stains are obvious in a mirror and more likely to show up on a television screen.

As a result, television personalities who smoke may be mocked for their yellow teeth or even be lectured by their directors about it. Therefore, it is critical that they get this problem corrected with cosmetic dentistry procedures like inlays.

How Inlays Work With Your Teeth

Inlays are a type of cosmetic dental procedure that goes over your teeth and works in a way that is similar to a filling. However, they actually improve the appearance of teeth because they are designed to resist staining. As a result, smokers who can't quit the habit can retain a white smile that looks great on camera and when they are interviewing others.

Dental inlays also strengthen your teeth durability by 75 percent. Typically, they can be fit on the teeth in a matter of a few hours. Beyond that, they are also relatively stable and rarely suffer from serious maintenance issues. As a result, they are liable to last for years longer than other types of fillings and are less likely to wear out on you.

So while smokers should definitely try to kick the habit at some point, they can use dental inlays and other types of cosmetic dentistry to improve the strength of their teeth. In this way, they will look great for the camera and avoid serious damage.