Dentures Or Implants

If you have a number of teeth missing, then you need to have them replaced with some form of replacement teeth. Ignoring the fact that you have some teeth missing can lead to a variety of problems you'll want to avoid. A couple of the very common replacement options a lot of people tend to find themselves going back and forth with are dentures or implants. These options are on different ends of the spectrum, but each highly popular for their own reason. Here is a good picture of what it will be like to have either dentures or implants:

What to know about getting dentures

You decide to get dentures to replace your teeth. If you are missing a few teeth, then a partial denture will be made that will replace the teeth you a remising and use an appliance and possibly even some wiring to hold the dentures in place. Getting dentures is fairly easy, you go in to have your mouth examined and measured. Then, you wait for the dentist to call you and let you know your dentures are in.

You will go in for a fitting to make sure the dentures fit correctly. You may be anxious to leave with them, but it will be much better if you report faulty areas to the dentist right away, so they can be quickly adjusted for a better fit you will be comfortable in. In many instances, the dentist can take care of issues in the office, so you can still leave with your dentures that day. When you have dentures, you'll need to take some time to learn how to pronounce certain words, how to chew with them in and do other things a bit different. However, once you are used to them, you won't even remember you have them, as they will just seem like another part of your mouth.

What to know about getting dental implants

You decide to go through with having dental implants put in to replace the missing teeth. Some of the biggest things to know about preparing for dental implants are that they can be quite a bit costlier than dentures, it can also take a good amount of time to get them because there are several steps to be done with wait times between them and there are some good bouts of healing periods to go through.

While these things may leave you wondering whether or not implants are worth it, the short answer is, yes. They a have a lot of fantastic things to offer, such as real looking teeth replacement, they feel real to you, they look real to others and they act just like your other teeth when you bite, chew and speak. Once you are healed from implants, you can go back to taking care of your teeth the way you always have, provided you had good oral habits. If you didn't, now is a good time to start. For more information, visit websites like