Is Your Child Against Braces? Consider Dental Veneers

Correcting teeth alignment is something that just about all of us have to go through at some point in our lives. However, this situation can be frustrating if your child is fighting you about having to wear braces. Thankfully, veneers are a good option to consider in this scenario.

Crooked Teeth Are Common For Many Children

Children with crooked teeth are not uncommon. In fact, it is estimated that around 75 percent of all children and teenagers have teeth crooked enough to need correction. The type of correction used often varies depending on the severity of the crookedness. Braces are probably the most common type because they can be installed quickly and work well on many types of issues.

That said, braces have problems that can make them an issue. Mostly, children simply don't like getting braces and will want to avoid them as much as possible. If you can somehow correct your child's teeth without braces, it is wise to find a way to do so and to use this method instead.

Why Children Often Hate Braces

While braces are a powerful way to improve a child's smile and do it very quickly, children will argue against them as much as possible. That's because braces are often uncomfortable on their teeth, painful to install, and require regular visits to an orthodontist. This latter issue is particularly annoying for children who hate having to get regular adjustments.

In many cases, there might not be much that you can do to avoid braces. However, it is worth asking your dentist about the possibility of using dental veneers. These corrective tools are probably a good choice for children who don't want braces and who have a level of crookedness that is minor enough to be corrected by veneers.

When Veneers Might Be A Good Choice Instead Of Braces

Dental veneers are not only easier to install than braces but are often less noticeable and easier to maintain. As a result, they are a good compromise if your child doesn't want braces. But they aren't quite right for everybody. Veneers might be a good choice instead of braces if:

  • Oral health problems are already occurring in your child's mouth
  • Correction is mostly quite minor
  • The oral surgeon believes they can be beneficial
  • Teeth whitening is something your teen desires

Dental veneers also provide other benefits, such as increased dental strength, protection against decay, and much more. These benefits are great for a child who is getting their teeth alignment corrected because it can protect them from decay and damage that may otherwise be tough to manage.

So if your child is self-conscious about getting braces but needs alignment correction, don't hesitate to contact a cosmetic dentist about veneers. These professionals will find a way to improve your child's dental alignment using these tools or other cosmetic dentistry procedures.