3 Common Dental Issues During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you've likely noticed a lot of changes in your body. While many of these changes are normal, issues like lost teeth and sensitivity can be difficult to deal with when you are also growing a child.

Of course, dental disease is a huge issue you may have to contend with. If you experience these issues during your pregnancy, a call to your dentist should be your next step to ensure you don't lose teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is more common during pregnancy, especially because the hormones in your body may be causing some interesting changes. If you are not brushing as often or as well as you should, you may note that gum disease is more prominent.

Plus, gum disease can also be a problem if it is allowed to continue. Without adequate treatment, gum disease may lead to issues like low birth weight. The good news is that regular dental visits and a healthy dental routine will help you avoid the serious complications associated with gum disease.

Lost Enamel

Did you know that many women experience lost enamel when they are pregnant? For one, many people may have food cravings that are more conducive to eroded enamel. In other instances, the enamel is lost because of morning sickness, which leads to vomiting that erodes the teeth.

You can make some changes to your diet that will prevent enamel loss during pregnancy, but you may also need to speak with your dentist about the safety of fluoride during this sensitive time.

More Cavities

For many people, cavities are more common during pregnancy. This may be caused by pregnancy cravings for sweet foods, but it can also be related to dry mouth. A dry mouth is much more conducive to cavities than a moist mouth.

Your dentist will recommend a better brushing routine during pregnancy, and they may also recommend that you drink more water or use special mouthwashes. Your dentist will provide you with more information about keeping your teeth free of cavities and disease, and they may offer suggestions like using a different kind of toothpaste.

See a Dentist ASAP for Pregnancy Dental Issues

During pregnancy, you should continue to see your dentist. You should not skip your appointments due to pregnancy. In fact, you may find that it is a better idea to schedule extra appointments if you notice any type of pain or sensitivity during this time period.

Contact a dentistry provider to learn more.