A Same-Day Crown Eliminates The Need For A Second Dental Visit To Get Your Permanent Crown

If you have a cavity that is so large your tooth needs to be protected by a crown when the decay is removed, your dentist might give you a same-day crown. For a dentist to be able to offer this service, they need computerized equipment.

If you like the idea of completing your dental work in a single day, then make sure to find a dentist that offers same-day crowns. These crowns are permanent and not the temporary crows you usually have to wear. Here's what you need to know.

The Advantages Of Getting A Same-Day Crown

Getting your dental work completed on a single visit is good because you can eliminate the bother of having two dental appointments close together. Plus, you won't have to bother with a temporary crown and that means less time working in your mouth. If you have dental anxiety, that's good news.

Another advantage of getting a same-day crown is the mold for your new crown is made digitally, so there is no need to bite down on putty to make the mold. Same-day crowns are made to the same standards as traditional lab-made crowns. They are also made of porcelain so your crown will blend in and look like a natural tooth.

The Dentist Makes Your Crown In Their Office

The reason the crown can be made on the same day is that the dentist has equipment for making porcelain crowns in his office so there is no need to involve an outside lab. The dentist makes a digital mold of your tooth and the software operates the machine that carves your new crown out of a porcelain block.

The dentist removes the decayed part of your tooth and puts on the new crown. The crown is adjusted and then cemented in place where it should last for several years. It takes several minutes to carve out your crown. That time added to the dental work needed for your cavity could result in a long dental visit, but that's better than having to return in a couple of weeks to finish the work.

Regular Dental Care Is Necessary

It's important to keep up with regular dental care even after you have the crown put on. A crown won't get a cavity, but it might crack if you crunch on hard candy or ice. For that reason, your dentist will check the crown when you come in for a checkup.

You must also brush and floss the crown just like it was a real tooth. This helps prevent gum disease and protects nearby teeth too by keeping the area around the new crown clean and healthy. 

For more info about dental crowns, contact a local dentist.